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I really appreciate the service I received. Very kind and knowledgeable employee.
Jennifer B."     5 star review3/19/2020
Nutevea was a big help...a very pleasant experience.
Paula T."     5 star review3/16/2020
As always the service is outstanding. Doesn't matter whether I am ordering or returning. The customer service is always amazing. Thanks!
GINA S."     5 star review3/16/2020
Very helpful!
Susan Battle C."     5 star review3/16/2020
I had a great experience. Problem solved.
Alison N."     5 star review3/16/2020
Wendy responded quickly and efficiently, and helped me immensely!
Geneva C."     5 star review3/14/2020
Wonderful help!
Beverly K."     5 star review3/14/2020
That was so quick and seamless and she anticipated my question as soon as she looked at my case.
Mary C."     5 star review3/12/2020
A courteous and pleasant interaction throughout. Thank you, Lorena.
Bobby T."     5 star review3/7/2020
Great service!
robert p."     5 star review3/7/2020
Very helpful quick representative,thank you
Arthur G M."     5 star review3/7/2020
I appreciate all the help!
Dell J."     5 star review3/7/2020
Windy was extremely helpful!
Roxanne N."     5 star review3/6/2020
My service representative was wonderful!!
Helena D."     5 star review3/5/2020
Thank you for taking care of this for me! Appreciate it!!
DAWN MARIE H."     5 star review3/5/2020
She was very nice and helpful.
Hayley R."     5 star review3/5/2020
The customer service representative Windy was very helpful and solved my issue in less than 3 minutes! Thanks again!
Grayson P."     5 star review3/5/2020
Wonderful help!
Beverly K."     5 star review3/5/2020
Daisy was pleasant and I was done in a one, two, three! ??
MARGARET G."     5 star review3/5/2020
Calescia was very professional, friendly, and helpful
SARA G."     5 star review3/5/2020
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