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Commando Control Double Faced Tech Half Slip CC401
CC401 Control Double Faced Tech Half Slip
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Commando Cotton Control Thong CC201
CC201 Cotton Control Thong
Commando CC201 reviews
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The look and feel of famous Commando panties can be found in Commando shapewear as well. The invisible, smooth, soft feel of nylon and spandex can be found in Commando shapewear. Offered in brief panties, shorts, thongs and camisoles, Commando shapewear tones and instantly shapes. The shapewear brings moderate control to tame problem areas instantly. Laser-cut hems is one way Commando shapewear brings a new level to comfort. They don't ride up or bunch under your clothing either. Commando shapewear is basically seamless making it invisible under clothing for a smooth fit. The camisoles allows you to wear your own bra while smoothing bulges in your midriff and tummy area. The tagless construction in all of the styles make them even more comfortable. Commando shapewear is offered in nude colors so it matches almost every fashion. It can be worn under casual or dressy attire. Commando shapewear will make you feel like you are going “commando,” but still have support and comfort.