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It’s all about the curves

When we hear the word corset, most of us think of a sexy bedroom lingerie look. We picture a whole ensemble, including a plunge corset paired with a matching panty, garters, thigh high and maybe a pair of heels. Although this is a very popular (and not to mention, sexy) use of this particular piece of lingerie, corsets (also sometimes referred to as the strapless bustier bra) have many other uses, as well.

The modern push-up corset bra can be most accurately described as a garment used to pull in your waist, giving your torso an hourglass shape, while also lifting and supporting your bust like a push-up bra. This makes the strapless corset the perfect garment not only for intimate activities, but for wearing under form-fitting outfits and sleeveless, tight, low-cut, or low-back tops.

Because the longline corset bra is designed to create and put emphasis on your hourglass figure, corsets are a timeless fashion staple in every woman’s lingerie wardrobe. We don’t see them going away anytime soon – for two particular reasons: they give you the flawless feminine figure you want, and they’re highly versatile.

The history of the corset

Originally, the corset was designed to hold and train the torso into a traditionally desired shape: a smaller waist and rounded bottom. This was the goal of early corsets for both aesthetic and medical purposes. Some women wore them to achieve this hourglass shape just for the duration that the corset was on, and others wore them to create a longer term, last effect. Other uses included help with posture and supporting the breasts. For these reasons, the corset became an integral part of the woman’s wardrobe.

As time when on, the term corset evolved to refer to any corset-like garment that mimicked the traditional look of a corset, but with less of the original functionality. This is where the idea of the strapless bustier bra became popular. Though they had the appearance of the side-boning and built-in bra support of a corset, these corset styles have much less of an effect on the actual shape of the torso.

Whether you’re looking to add something sexy to your at-home lingerie wardrobe, need some extra shaping and slimming for a dress for a special occasion look, or something in between, HerRoom has the corset for you!

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