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Kensie It's All About Me T-Shirt Bra 7313551
7313551 It's All About Me T-Shirt Bra
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Kensie It's All About Me T-Shirt Bra
The Kensie It's All About Me T-Shirt Bra 7313551 offers four different convertible strap options and wonderfully soft comfort. Kensie It's All About Me T-Shirt Bra is made of nylon/spandex.


About Kensie


Kensie flips the runway world upside down mixing it into the everyday life of a woman. Kensie takes the latest runway trends and mixes them together making them pretty, edgy and comfortable. The collection is about dressing for the emotion of the moment making a woman feel as if she is a real runway model throwing herself together while feeling in charge of her beauty. Women are often changing their emotions so Kensie promises to keep up with each woman's life by adorning her in comfortable and affordable styles.

The Kensie lingerie and sleepwear collection includes everything from pajamas, nightgowns, nightshirts, robes and chemises. Kensie wants to layer women in outer and undergarments made by them to help women feel powerful both inside and out. The collection is designed to help women hit the pillow each night with a sense of beauty so they will get a better night rest and wake up ready to face the day. Kensie fits the lifestyle of the modern woman trying to find her place in the world. She might as well be comfortable and edgy as she gets ready to take on her everchanging world.

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