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One woman's great idea became a boon to all women--panties that virtually remove odor and moisture. The liner is invisible, with patented odor-absorbing and moisture-wicking properties built right into the cotton material. And the panties are also comfortable, pretty and sexy, like lacy boyshorts, thongs and bikinis. You'll wonder why you ever wore anything else. Read more...
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Knock out! Mighty Nighties Lacy Chemise KO-6100
Knock out!
KO-6100 Mighty Nighties Lacy Chemise
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Knock out! KO-6100 reviews
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Knock out! Mighty Nighties Lacy Chemise
Knock out! KO-6100 reviews
The Knock out! Lacy Chemise KO-6100 features lace along the neckline and at hem. Knock out!'s Lacy Chemise has fabric technology that helps combat night sweats.


Knock out!
About Knock out!

Knock out!


Socialite and stay-at-home mom, Angela Newnam created a product for an unmentionable subject to many women, a product that addressed odor and wetness protection for their panties. Knock Out! panties are created with NO TRACE technology, originally used for those wanting to protect their scent while hunting. NO TRACE technology has both odor absorbing power and wick fibers built in to absorb moisture while absorbing odor. The panties are durable as the technology is built deep into the fibers so it will not wash out over time. With this innovation, Knock Out! panties are thin, breathable and natural. Women can now go to the gym and work long days without worrying about odor protection from their panties. Each panty in the six styles of Knock Out! garments is made with 100% cotton liner for all-day protection and comfort. The liner absorbs up to 0.75 teaspoon of fluid while most drips or spots are less than 0.25 teaspoon. Knock Out! provides the answer to women who are too busy to worry about little things like spotting when they should be out conquering the world. Knock Out! knows these women deserve better than the basic panty liners without much protection.

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