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Miss Elaine Woven Plisse Long Gown 529716
Miss Elaine
529716 Woven Plisse Long Gown
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Miss Elaine 529716 reviews
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Miss Elaine Woven Plisse Long Gown
The Miss Elaine Woven Plisse Long Gown 529716 is loose fitting and has a pleated front. Miss Elaine's Woven Plisse Long Gown is made of cotton/polyester.


Miss Elaine
About Miss Elaine

Miss Elaine

For several decades Miss Elaine has supplied lovely sleepwear and loungewear to women the world over, and has been cherished for its consistent fine quality and pretty details. Among Miss Elaine favorites, the nylon tricot nightgown, famous for its silken touch and flowing ease. Add feminine laces and embroidery, and you have a bedtime beauty that is wonderful for giving as well as wearing. Brushed back satin pajama sets are a cold weather favorite, as is the Cottonessa collection of cotton/polyester knit sleepwear. Look to Miss Elaine at for wonderful gift ideas all year long. 

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