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OnGossamer Collections at HerRoom

OnGossamer is one of the best-selling brands in the fashion world for their innovative bras, sleepwear, shapewear and panties. Pieces in the collection are exquisitely made with soft fabrics and featherweight fashions. The sexiness and versatility of these fashions are what make the foundation of OnGossamer designs. The mesh fabric that makes up the Mesh Essentials collection creates pieces that are constructed of stretchy, fine mesh. Many customers fall in love with the Bump It Up line which features graduated foam padding that enhances cleavage. Women love OnGossamer because they know that being beautiful must go hand-in-hand with feeling comfortable. The brand gives women what they want by offering their soft fabric combined with many different hues and designs of lingerie. The elegant and unique OnGossamer styles are never boring, yet always relaxing. All are made of lightweight materials with the highest technology in supportive fashions. OnGossamer has won herroom.com Undie Awards for Select Winners of the Judges in the categories of Favorite Hi-Cut Brief, Favorite Bikini and Favorite Push-Up Bra.


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OnGossamer Beautifully Basic
Beautifully Basic by OnGossamer
3 styles

OnGossamer Cabana Cotton
Cabana Cotton by OnGossamer
13 styles

OnGossamer Cabana Cotton Seamless
Cabana Cotton Seamless by OnGossamer
4 styles

OnGossamer Dot Micro
Dot Micro by OnGossamer
2 styles

OnGossamer Gossamer Mesh
Gossamer Mesh by OnGossamer
3 styles

OnGossamer Mesh
Mesh by OnGossamer
12 styles

OnGossamer Next to Nothing
Next to Nothing by OnGossamer
7 styles

OnGossamer Racy
Racy by OnGossamer
1 styles

OnGossamer Shadow Mesh
Shadow Mesh by OnGossamer
1 styles

OnGossamer Sheer Bliss
Sheer Bliss by OnGossamer
1 styles

OnGossamer Sleek Invisible
Sleek Invisible by OnGossamer
1 styles