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P-Jamas Marina Short Sleeve Gown 333705
333705 Marina Short Sleeve Gown
Navy/White Stripes
P-Jamas 333705 reviews
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P-Jamas Marina Short Sleeve Gown
The P-Jamas Marina Short Sleeve Gown 333705 is so comfortable that it will make you feel the calm of the water wherever you happen to be. P-Jamas' Marina Short Sleeve Gown is made of 100% Pima cotton.


About P-Jamas


P.jamas create the feeling you are sleeping on soft, velvety clouds. P.jamas sleepwear is best known for using fine Egyptian cotton in their pieces. Each piece in the collecton is made with pima cotton, a cotton that is more durable and absorbent than other cottons. Each thread can be woven multiple times into a piece of fabric. The use of pima cotton, embroidery and Japanese mother-of-pearl buttons help make P.jamas the selection for women wanting to feel silky smooth and stylish when lounging or sleeping. The brand doesn't stop at just comfortable for women. They go above and beyond. The Egyptian cotton is made of the best grade, spun in Switzerland and woven in Italy. P.jamas designers know classic sleepwear cannot be created with anything but the best because a woman deserves nothing but the best when it comes to comfort and control. Many say they have been searching for sleepwear with this quality and these designs for years, but everything seems to be scaled down to basic cotton fabrics. P.jamas does not let the luxury out of lounging. With their collections, women can have the best experience resting as possible because they feel warm, snuggled and comfortable in their sleepwear.


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