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DKNY Hosiery Menswear Geo Tight 0B914
DKNY Hosiery
0B914 Menswear Geo Tight
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Fatigue Melange
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SPANX Girl's Best Friend Tights FH1515
FH1515 Girl's Best Friend Tights
Very Black
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Wearing patterned hosiery is a great (and affordable) way to add some trendy pizazz to your wardrobe. And an enduring favorite is a geometric pattern. Geometric patterns are not confined to socks. You can find a good selection of them in tights and pantyhose as well. One interesting look is a sheer or semi-sheer pantyhose with a subtle pattern, be it stripes, a birds-eye weave or cables. As delicate as these geometrics look, they are durable and easy to wear, thanks to modern fibers like nylon and spandex.