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SPANX Hi-Knee Sheer Socks - 2 Pair Pack 014
014 Hi-Knee Sheer Socks - 2 Pair Pack
SPANX 014 reviews
Hanes Silk Reflections Plus Silky Sheer Knee High - 2 Pk 00P19
00P19 Silk Reflections Plus Silky Sheer Knee High - 2 Pk
PearlBarely ThereLittle ColorNudeTravel BuffClassic NavyBarely BlackJet
Hanes 00P19 reviews
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As with almost all hosiery styles, knee-highs are offered in both average and plus sizes. Knee highs are the perfect accompaniment to trousers or very long skirts. Stay-put leg bands keep plus size knee-highs up without digging or binding. Some styles feature a sandal foot toe, ideal for wearing with open-toed shoes. Knee high pantyhose are typically offered in classic colors, like nude, off-black and black. Sizing is often designated as Q, for queen size. You may also see 'one size fits all' on the label for queen sized knee-highs. This really means a range of shoe sizes from 10-13. As with all hosiery, be sure to check the item's size chart when you order to guarantee a perfect fit.