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Timpa Duet Lace Low Rise Thong 615700
615700 Duet Lace Low Rise Thong
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If you're a petite woman who wants beautiful, functional and well fitting lingerie, look no further than Timpa. For decades, Timpa has created lingerie especially designed for petite women including must have essentials such as bras, panties and thongs. Timpa thongs offer an affordable option to petite women who seek a little luxury. Thongs by Timpa are available in a range of styles that include string thongs, low rise thongs, sheer thongs, lace thongs, cotton thongs, embroidered thongs, sexy thongs and mesh thongs. If you're looking for minimal rear coverage and want to avoid having a panty line, check out thongs by Timpa.

Timpa thongs look and feel great under neath your favorite jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses or any outfit where you want to wear panties that are not noticeable. Browse HerRoom's current inventory and selection of thongs and lingerie by Timpa. Don't forget to enjoy our free shipping option as a courtesy, available to qualifying Timpa lingerie and thong orders.