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Va Bien Collections at HerRoom

Va Bien was established in 1979 by Richard and Marianne Gimble, who believed that undergarments were essential for confident, successful dressing. Together they designed a lingerie line that concentrated on resolving figure problems to provide a more pleasing silhouette. They incorporated more beautiful fabrics with new technological properties and comfort features to supply lightweight and supportive lingerie. Va Bien has been awarded several patents for its figure-enhancing, innovative designs that include bra cups which keep strapless bras in place and control systems that keep low back bodysuits in place.

Va Bien
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Va Bien Fanny Fabulous
Fanny Fabulous by Va Bien
3 styles

Va Bien Lace
Lace by Va Bien
9 styles

Va Bien Marquise
Marquise by Va Bien
3 styles

Va Bien Minus Touch
Minus Touch by Va Bien
7 styles

Va Bien Papillon
Papillon by Va Bien
4 styles

Va Bien Smooth Couture
Smooth Couture by Va Bien
2 styles

Va Bien Smooth Solutions
Smooth Solutions by Va Bien
5 styles

Va Bien Ultra Lift
Ultra Lift by Va Bien
7 styles