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Wolford Collections at HerRoom

Wolford hosiery is a fine European brand that began in the post World War II era.  Pure silk stockings were in great demand after the war, and Wolford supplied this luxury commodity beautifully.  The name was derived from founder Reinhold Wolff’s last name and "-ford" came from Oxford.  HerRoom proudly brings you this elegant hosiery brand in a wide range of styles, mostly now of silky nylon/spandex.  Deniers range from a very sheer 8, to opaque leggings in 66 denier.  You'll find knee highs, stockings and tights (or pantyhose as Americans call them) in a wealth of sophisticated styles. Kate Middleton has gotten recent credit for promoting the wearing of fine hosiery, to the delight of well-dressed women everywhere.  Wolford hosiery will give you those fine flourishing finishes to your ensembles as well, in a wide selection that will keep you looking flawless and feeling comfortable all year long.

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Wolford Bodysuit
Bodysuit by Wolford
2 styles

Wolford Individual
Individual by Wolford
5 styles

Wolford Individual Nature
Individual Nature by Wolford
3 styles

Wolford Luxe
Luxe by Wolford
2 styles

Wolford Pure
Pure by Wolford
2 styles

Wolford Pyramid
Pyramid by Wolford
1 styles

Wolford Rhomb
Rhomb by Wolford
1 styles

Wolford Satin
Satin by Wolford
5 styles

Wolford Satin Touch
Satin Touch by Wolford
4 styles

Wolford Sheer Touch
Sheer Touch by Wolford
6 styles

Wolford Synergy
Synergy by Wolford
2 styles

Wolford Tights
Tights by Wolford
1 styles

Wolford Tulle
Tulle by Wolford
7 styles

Wolford Velvet
Velvet by Wolford
10 styles